A Quick Welcome!

Hello all~

Welcome to Hiit Mama, my first “real” blog.  And by “real”, I mean that I actually purchased a domain.  I know, BIG stuff right?

You might ask who I am and why I am writing a blog.  I encourage you to head over to my “About Me” page to get the gist of who I am and why I chose to start a blog.  I will be delving deeper into these topics as well, but I am still in the stages of setting up this blog and really figuring all of this out.  I am definitely not a WordPress expert, and am learning new stuff every day about it, so bare with me!

In the mean time, come say “hi” to me on Instagram (handle: hiit_mama) or shoot me an e-mail at hiitmama@gmail.com.  I am working on my first “real” blog post for this site as well, so stay tuned for more to come!